Your new life awaits

Our longstanding commitment to excellence, adaptability and personalized services makes us your premier partner from the very early stages of your expatriation (even before you even start the actual visa process) till your daily requests and needs in your new life in the US.

We focus on your needs and goals to craft the best strategy for your expatriation, taking into account the specifics of your personal situation and/or business.

How we work

We gather around you the right team of experts (lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, investment counselors…etc) and work with your existing team (agent, personal manager…etc) to make your new life a reality.

The key to your dream life in the US is your talent, whether you are a successful entrepreneur, a creative talent, or an athlete. As your Business Manager, we partner
with the best immigration lawyers who will prepare your visa application and
support your dream.

At the heart of our expertise is a deep experience and knowledge of what your new life will look like once in the US. There, you will need housing, a car, school enrollments , and everything to start a new life in the country where dreams come true.

We know this might seem confusing, even scary to build a life that is so different, so unfamiliar to you. This is where Wanderlust Agency comes into play to provide you with personal concierge services that will take care of all your needs, so you can concentrate on the most important thing: building your dream, your new life here for you, your family or your business.

Our Packages

The Essential

In order to better prepare your departure to the United States, we will analyze your profile in order to closely understand your needs and make sure we can assist you in the best possible way.

At the end of our first meeting, your consultant will establish your roadmap including your private and professional administrative procedures, as well as a list of your local essential contacts.



Based on our 20 years of experience in the field of international business travel, we prepare our clients through our innovative new technologies.

We provide personalized support before, during and several weeks after your arrival, allowing you to follow-up on your private and professional administrative procedures.

From obtaining your “Social Security Number” (essential before any step) through the selections and registrations to schools and universities best suited to your children and the purchase of your home,  we accompany you at every key step of your new life.



It is never easy to set up in a foreign country. That is why we help with the complicated procedures that are required to ease the extension of your entrepreneurial adventures.

We put our expertise and network at your disposal to facilitate the steps of setting up your business in the United States.

From your business plan to the search for your business premises, we will introduce you to experts and recognized professionals in your desired field.


A la carte

Your personal consultant adapts to your needs, accompanies you and guides you throughout the duration of your expatriation.